Hi everyone,

Yes we have made it into Cochin India.  What a terrific place to be.  The people are friendly, it’s warm and muggy, but when the sun goes down out comes the mozzie battalion with full vengeance!  Walking down the main street is like a looking at a technicolor coat with all the beautiful saris, and yes Shae and I have invested in one.   As this place is predominately muslin, we are not allowed out without covering our shoulders and wearing dresses/skirts/shorts past our knees, so as to not offend the local people.  We have managed to look around at a place called Fort Cochin, Jew town and do a little shopping in what they call Broadway.  We have really enjoyed our time here and wish we were able to stay a little longer but this is not the case.  Unfortunately the information that we have been given by the Blue Water Rally directors (this is why we joined the BWR and paid for the information and support to be correct) had been incorrect regarding NZ’ers getting visas on arrival.  This was only if you flew in to 4 nominated international airports that you can receive a visa in this manner.  So Gavin and I had to fight tooth and nail with the Indian Immigration with the wonderful help of The New Zealand High Commission, to obtain an emergency visa.  The NZ High Commission have been absolutely fabulous.  As we had been waiting for our prop to arrived from Belgium via NZ, NEVER EVER EVER use DHL!!  They are a very incompetent company internationally and do not understand that when a product is under warranty as it is faulty that there is no charge, yet the incompetency and the understanding of the basics of english does not register in their intellectual ability.  So waiting for an urgent propeller to be delivered before our departure and requesting a commercial invoice to the value of the product, even though it’s a nil charge, they cannot compute.  Then to find out after all this time that they had the original invoice stating value of product.  This has now put us in a compromising position, we now have to collect the prop from Mumbai under emergency visa status again with the assistance of the NZ High Commission.  DHL India’s lack of customer service in abhorrent.  Basically 4 days of pissing around waiting for them to organise themselves in DHL India undermining the credibility of a NZ company stating that there is something not right about this shipments nil value (even though it states quite clearly on the invoice WARRANTY REPLACEMENT OF FAULTY PRODUCT NIL VALUE) is not acceptable.   Our shipment was held to ransom, in plain DHL India english, you don’t supply the invoice you don’t get your shipment.  Then on top of that we paid for an express delivery, what an absolute joke.  Anyway enough of that enjoy the photos…

Digging a trench by hand

Shae on the Ferry

Busy Street

Vege Fruit Vendors

Indian Sunset

Fishing boat

Net Fishing

Local Taxi

Local Fishing Boats

Fort Cochin Local village

Shae arms with henna

Fort Cochin

tuk tuk

Main Street

The Sari

Bolgharty Marina by nightfall

The butchers

Street Vendor

all in a hard days work

Fish Market

Gavin and Paul up Enchantrass Mast

Fresh Juice crusher

Main Street Broadway

Installing Powerlines notice the OSH Regulation of bare feet

Cochin Harbour

Bolghaty Marina Cochin

22Kt gold



Hi there, here are some more photos of the high country enjoy

Gav and Shae

Taking the cows for a walk

A local chewing local tobacco

Eliya Gap and Mountain views

more scenery

Tea plantation

Eliya Coffe House Info

Bananas anyone? A roadside fruit & vege vendor

Another tea plantation

The Exclusive Hill Club Nuwara Eliya

Dining at the Hill Club

The Hill Club

Tea Factory

Tea plants - Recipe: add water, milk and a little sweet kiwi for taste

The sign says it all

me, Mark, Shae and Chrissie from the UK

A nice cuppa T

a pic from the bus

Kandy Town

The Golden Temple

Working Elephant

Tourist Rides on working Elephant Dambulla

Sigiriya Rock

from the top of Sigiriya Rock

Gav and Shae at the top of Sigiriya Rock

Cobra Snake Charmer at the top of Sigiriya Rock

Bathtime for the Pinnawela Orphan Elephants

Watching from a safe location

Feeding a naughty elephant hence the chains

Pinnawela Orphanage



Hi All

Here are some pics of our road trip up the the high country in Sri Lanka.  Tea plantations, waterfalls, elephant orphanage, safari trip and many many temples. Enjoy…

The bus and tour guide

A bucket and well

Inside of the temple

Shae and the famous Buddha

Rice Fields

The blowhole that didnt blow only 1000 Rupees

The Safari Trip

Safari Transport

Let the wildlife tour begin....

Never smile at a crocodile

Water Buffalo

a lonely turtle

Monitor Lizard

Tame Boars

The rules of entry

Hmm Bambi or Venison on a plate (Spotted Deer) YUM......


Green Breasted Bird

Can you see him?

Our first siting of an Elephant

My what big teeth you have.......

A fine Specimen for a plate......

Water Buffalo just lazing around....

Ohh just nosing around

Doing what an elephant does

Just a few jeeps

A Mongoose

A well earned stop after a 3 hour stint

A seaside village within the Safari Park


Bike Training Sri Lankan Style

Heading Up into the high country, our first waterfall of many