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A few pics of Mumbai India for you to enjoy.  The people are wonderful, polite and very sincere. The cuisine, mouth watering, and a very colourful place to visit.  The history is mind blowing.  They are very hard workers.  Poverty stricken areas and rich areas are each others neighbours.  They are happy within.  The want to survive is greater the want of material wealth here.  This place is definately worth visiting and exploring…

Eggs anyone?

Eggs anyone?

The Gateway to India and the Taj Mahal Hotel


A peek into where Slumdog Millionaire was filmed

Housing again

Busy Street

Carved in Stone

Jeans anyone?

Town and around


Washing the baby

Top Heavy

Drying the washing

Red Kumara for sale

Living in the Slums

More Housing

High Rise

High Rise

The Toll Bridge

Jammed Packed

Oil Rig plus a navigation Hazard

We’d like to thank the people who we met in Mumbai and made it possible to reprovision the boat plus arrange a dentist for Gavin, and restock us with fuel.  They know who they are.   Mumbai was an emergency stop for us, to enable us to travel with our group up the coast of India to travel safely in numbers.   We did not have visas to go ashore as we had been misinformed regarding the NZ passport allowances.  As a NZ’er you can gain entry visas only on arrival into India via International Airports NOT by seaport.   This made things very challenging for us not to say the least.  Although is there is no difference in the stamps that go in our passports from ones that are entered into via an airport, the Indian authorities are not at all interested in making allowances.    Little did we know how treacherous the next part of our journey to Salalah Oman would be.