Dear Friends, Family and Followers

Apologies for not updating our blog.  As one of our rally boats were pirated and murdered by Solmalian Pirates, just off the coast of Oman, of which the Solmalian pirates then captured another yacht with a family of 3 children and 4 adults (they are still being held captive with an unknown outcome at this stage), I will not be updating our blog until our yacht has safely arrived to it’s destination.   The process has been a very long one, of which the girls are in one country and dad is with the boat in another country, until such time we can meet up with him.  Sorry for being so vague but pirates can also peruse the internet and they may have our details from the first pirated vessel they took ruthlessly and murdered.  We are safe and that is all that matters.  So please be patient and until it is the right time we will then start updating our blog again.