Hi all, there are more photos to come, but we are leaving for cochin India today a 3 day passage will post more photos once we arrive if internet is good.

Sol Maria



Hi All, after a 9 day 8 night passage we finally made it into Galle.  The last 300NM was on the nose, 20kt-25kts, with moderate sea.  Unfortunately we were also battling a 4 knot tidal current along with the rest of the fleet.  Then with our starboard engine flashing a oil pressure light, we turned that off until we were able to contact the Yanmar Agents in NZ on Monday 10th when everyone went back to work, to find out that it was only a faulty switch, so on went the engine.  We were traveling from speeds of 1.8 kts up to 4.5kts which was very frustrating at times, but we finally made it and have been enjoying the sites, culture and cuisine of Sri Lanka.  So enjoy our pics, we also went on a landbase tour for 4 nights and 5 days.  Visiting, temples, tea plantations, waterfalls, Ranwali Spice herbal gardens in Kawdupelella, Matale, the prestigious Hill Club in Nuwara Eliya, founded in 1876 for men only, the Ruhunu (Yala) National wildlife safari park with elephants, crocodiles, mongoose, pelicans, jungle fowls to name a few. We also visited a elephant orphanage, where they nurse the elephants back to health if they can and then try to reintegrate them back into their natural habitat.  There are some villages that still use the elephants for moving large objects around or tourist attractions.  The boxing day tsunami in 2004 also affected the Sri Lankans, but had not had as much publicity as the Thailand tsunami.  Many lives were lost with the wave traveling into land 1.5kilometres.  A large memorial statue stands in the place where over 200 people who had been traveling in a train perished with the tsunami waves.  We attended the celebration of Historiacal Duruthu Perahara of Pilana Sri Maha Viharaya 110th Term which started with 7 villages presenting their cultural dances and buddhas, this only happens on the night of a full moon and is a very big occasion, we started at 10pm and finished at 4am, colourful, exciting but very tiring.  We were the guests of honor sitting in seats only for foreign visitors.  So now for the pics enjoy…

Dolphins in transit from Thailand to Galle Sri Lanka

More dolphins in transit

Stern via anchor at Port Galle

Roadside Stall ...fish anyone

The Fort, Galle

View of Galle city from the Fort

The Fort established by the Dutch

The Fort

Shae and Charlie at the Fort with a local Hawker in the background

Free spirited goats in main street Galle

The Fort Wall

Main Street , The Fort

Back street Galle

Local Transport Galle

Our Tuk Tuk Driver Asela

Turtle Sanctuary egg nursery

Shae with a new friend

A 4 yr old turtle

Escaping .......looking for Nemo

Fishing the old way

Gav trying to fish with the locals

Local Fishing

Street Stalls

Local Cows free lancing

old fashioned transport still being used

Main Street Galle

Blue Sapphire and Amythest Gems

Local Fishing boats

Oven in local house

Pilana Sri Maha Viharaya 110th Term Temple

Full Moon Festivities

Shae and Charlie at the Temple

Shae, Annie and Charlie with the locals at the temple

How many can you fit on a motorbike?

Buckets anyone?

Full Moon

Foreigners Seating

Monks in training

Whip crackers

Locals at the Full Moon Celebrations

Full Moon Parade

More Dancers

Working Elephant

More Dancers

More dancing

Fire Dancers

The Buddha

Another Buddha