Hi All

We are in Patong Thailand and we are preparing for the New Years celebration.  Here’s a few more pics from us.

A beached Buddha

A quiet get away from Patong NOT!

Paragliding assistance no harness

A Cruise ship in Port, we're so small!

Patong Beach

Powerlines Patong Beach - for Clint

Seafood anyone? Restaurant Hawking

Karate Kid?

Chinese Lantern for good luck

Up she goes

letters to the heavens


VW Combi Style cocktails

Tuk Tuks



Hi All

A few more pics for viewing.   Enjoy

Koh Rok Nok Diving

More of Koh Rok Nok

Rolly Taskers Sail Loft

Dinner at Phi Phi Don

The Big Hong

Inside the Big Hong

Sea Eggs

Under the sea

Moray Eel

More Fish

Diving Again

Drink Anyone Mix your own Phi Phi Island

Tsunami Safe House Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Don from the Top

Power Lines Phi Phi Island

Ton Sai and Phi Phi Don



Hi All

Well Xmas has been and gone, we have since been traveling around Thailand and enjoying the humidity, sun, and torrential downpours when they come.   A spot of diving here and there and visiting Phi Phi Don where in 2004 a tsunami hit the island with devastating affects on many families losing the lives of loved ones, some were recovered others not.   The water has been inviting as we can actually see the sea floor in most places, with tropical lagoons, and “Hongs” which are opened roofed caves with an entrance either via a cave or an opening that you can get a dinghy in to.  We have my cousin Rongoa, Sandra and Kaleb with us for Xmas and New Years before we depart for Sri Lanka on 2nd January.   This passage will be around 7 days, and that’s all dependent upon wind.  We have motor sailed more than we have sailed and are chewing through the diesel.  Getting repairs for the boat here has been very reasonable, a lot cheaper than NZ and some of the workmanship even better than Australia and NZ put together.  The people here live to work and they know that it’s word of mouth and this keeps the money and food on the table in order for them to survive.  The cuisine has been a real treat, it really puts going out to Thai for dinner in perspective as the food is so full of tastes that would really wet any connoisseur’s appetite.  We are all well and miss everyone over the celebrations ahead.  Here’s to another New Years resolution, mine is to enjoy life and be happy.  So keep safe everyone, enjoy the up and coming 2011 we will be thinking of you all.  We will be in Patong, along with the rest of Thailand, enjoying the fireworks display, watching from a very safe distance on the boat.  Vicky, there’s a photo here for you, so everyone enjoy all our pics.

Until later, Gav, Lica and Shae

Fishing Stakes ... Watch out

Rock Art

Hong Entrance

Floating Village

Floating Village Again

Floating Village Hospital

Floating Village Eagles with Gav and Shae

Birds in Cages - Local Alarms for Danger

Walkway Floating Village

Sea water under the floating Village

Thai Garaging

Who gives way? Phi Phi Don

Rock Structures Phi Phi Don

Typical Charter Yacht Ignorance!!! Very Close Call

Smoko for Rongoa

Hong Entrance

Hong Entrance

Rock Structures from a Hong

Rock Climbing Anyone?

Any Crayfish???

Long Tail Boat.....chilling out

This beats Mercury Engines....Long Tail Boat Engine

A photo for Vic

Outdoor Toilet - Phi Phi Island

Night Life Phi Phi Island

Fire Dancer Phi Phi Island

Fire Dancer Phi Phi Island


Posing Peacock

Rubber Gum Collecting

Khai Tourism

Charter Boat Parking Khai

Who wants to go to Khai Island

Ko Hai Bridge

Ko Hai Scenery

Long Tail Boat Ko Hai

Crusing along Ko Hai Beach

Ko Hai Ranger Hut

Ko Muk Island

Entrance into Ko Muk Island

Ko Muk Island Point



We’ve made the news!
Round-the-world cruise brings together people from all walks of life who sail together for 2 years.

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Sol Maria Blue Water Rally, as seen in the Straits Times on 30 November 2010



We are now in Penang.  What with the challenge coming into the main harbour dodging fishing boats, fishing nets, fishing pots then having to go under the Penang Bridge to get to the marina.  Also the construction of the new Penang bridge it is massive…..

Existing Penang Bridge

Going under the bridge

Pulling up their catch



After leaving Pt Kalang we traveled to Pankor Island.  We did a quick trip in a taxi to go around the island which took 1 hour 20 mins. So we got the pics and the t-shirts enjoy them…

Local Fishing Boat Pankor Island

In the taxi

Local Fishing Village

Monitor Lizard

Whats left of the Dutch Fortress



Hi we have left Singapore and are now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  The food is great, the marina is different.  You tie up to a floating pontoon and then a water taxi picks you up and ferries you back and forth as you require.  We caught a train into the main city.  What a neat place……

Petronus Towers

Shae and Amy visiting the local Muslim temple

Shae and Amy visiting the local Muslim temple

Petronus Towers again

Muslim Temple

China Town Markets



Hi All, we re now in Singapore at Keppel Bay Marina.  We left Kumai river and the Orangatans which such a highlight of our trip.  We had an overnight stop at Ngonsa Point Indonesia to clear out then we went straight across to Singapore.  You ain’t seen nothing yet until you have sailed across one of the biggest and most busiest shipping channels in the world.  What an experience of excitement, near crapping yourself and huge relief once you have made it across.  We did a couple of things like visit the night zoo and Shae and Gav spent the day at Universal Studios.

Keppel Bay Marina

How high do they go Singapore Buildings

Universal Studios Shae taking up driving?

Orchard Road Singapore Xmas Decorations



In deepest dark jungle of Borneo we discovered some wild animals.  Here are the pics of our 3 day and 2 night houseboat experience.  The water was muddy in colour where the sea meets the river.  Mining is the main cause of the discolouration in the water plus the pollution that floats in it.   Illegal logging of the local wood is a huge problem with the effects of the local animals.  There is not alot for them the eat as also they export palm oil from the rainforests.  It is a very huge concern.  But on a happy note check this out…

All in a days work a local in the Kumai River

I only have eyes for you Gav

Our first local

Percy welcomes us


Meet Mr Gibbon

Tom Cruise King of the Jungle



Leaving Bali Marina was a huge relief.  We traveled overnight to a place called Raas Island.  This has the oldest temple in existence which dates back to the 1400 century.  We also met up with another family from the BWR and their daughter Charlie traveled with us from Raas Island to Tunjung National Park Kalimantan.  We hit a large storm whilst we traveled of rain, thunder, lightening and 40 kt winds.  Thankfully the sea was moderate and comfortable and it only lasted for two hours. You will be delighted with these pictures…….

Shae and Charlie enjoying the rainstorm

Raas Island 1400 Century Temple



Bali was a huge disappointment from a mariners perspective.   I would NOT recommend this as a stopover for any vessel.  This marina was so polluted a number of the rally yachts were continuously removing plastic bags, paper, polystyrene, and whatever other rubbish was floating in the marina from their water intakes.  It was disgusting.  The fuel was charged out at RP7,200 per litre and at the local pump it was only RP4,500 per litre.  There was also a huge amount of  backhanders, and corruption going on with the local police and within the marina itself.  Any westerner that drove past the police patrol house got stung for RP350,000 just because of so called breaking the law, if you didn’t pay the fine then you would end up in jail, paying the fine then ensured that you would not be hit up for another fine again and the police put the money in their back pocket.  It really put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.  Shae went on a ride called the flying fish with some friends from the BWR out at Benoa Beach and then Gav and Shae surfed on Kuda Beach.  We had a cultural experience by traveling out to  a place called Ubud which is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Bali.  Gavin braved the elements and drove us up there.  Really to drive in Bali traffic you need a good strong heart and maybe incontinence pants because everywhere you turn there is either a bike, car or truck sitting on either side of you.  You start with one lane and can end up with 4 lanes.  Work that out huh?   Ubud has all the rice paddie fields up there plus fabulous local cuisine.  We only went up for the day.  Meanwhile a local King had passed away and a huge ceremony was celebrated in the city by a very large and colourful tour for the body which then gets put up in a very high tower and cremated.   The place was packed.  We then  headed back  to the boat.  A few more pics for  you to view….

Shae and Amy Flying Fish Benoa

Shae and Amy Flying Fish Benoa

Rice Paddy Field Ubud