Lombok Rice Paddy Fields

We traveled from Komodo Village National Park to Gili Air an overnighter (sailing overnight to run with the tides).  Gili Air is a lovely island frequented by alot of Australians and is away from the main village of Lombok.  We organised a day trip to Lombok from Gili Air with a few people from the BWR.   The local monkeys are quite the tourist attraction, they are somewhat regarded as sacred to the Indonesians.  They can be very friendly but also very very naughty.   There are many temples which when we go in we have to have long skirts and wear a special ribbon around our waist, the boys have to have wear shorts that go past their knees and wear a ribbon around their waste.  We have seen so many temples this is the only one which has stuck out as it is along the shoreline with magnificent views. Getting gravel from the water is a very big task.  The men collect the rocks whilst the women are on land with a hammer breaking by hand the gravel into various sizes which they grade and then sell.  The ages of these women were well into their 70′s.  It was quite an eye opener.  S0 more pictures for you to view….

Lombok Residents

Lombok Temple

Squeeze in Lombok Transport

Collecting Gravel

More Lombok Transport



Komodo Dragons, diving need I say more check out the pics……One bite from these guys and you die a very slow painful death, that’s how they kill their prey which is normally deer, wild boar or the odd monkey….

And who's footprints are these?

Up close with the Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon Rinca Island - Run fast!!

Komodo Dragon Sunbathing

Komodo Dragons Rinca

Rinca Island Diving

Rinca Island Dive

Rinca Island Underwater Scenery

Shae Buddy Diving with Gavin

Komodo Village Housing

Komodo Village Street

Komodo Village Foreshore



Hi There

After a very frustrating few days of motor sailing, with no wind at all, flat seas, polluted riddled sea with nets, fishing boats with no lights, garbage floating everywhere which is absolutely disgusting we finally arrived into Kupang Indonesia.  This is definately not a place for those who wish to receive five star treatment or who are not too good on standing smells you cannot even recognise.  Generally this place is a rubbish dump.  There is rubbish everywhere!  On the beach, in the streets, in the sea water, you would never really believe it until you are here, but take that all away from the equation the people make up for it.  They are a very happy culture and quick to rip you off if your a westerner.  They do this with such finesse in order to make some sort of living to get ahead.  The food is great, if you don’t look at the health standards of which the food is prepared.  The traffic is a nightmare, they have their own set of rules which certainly works well for them, but for us we would crap ourselves trying to play dodgems of missing the motorcyclist.  They predominantly move around on motorcycles, horse and cart, and Bemo’s which is the local taxi and some privately owned vehicles. You have to barter alot to get a resonable price for purchasing goods, this is the fun of the day and more fun for the vendor who laughs at you as you walk away as he has made a very fine profit from your purchase.  We are now in Bali, but we have stopped at a place called Rinca Island (Nusa Kode), Komodo Island, and then Gili  Air to do a land trip around Lombok.   We have also traveled up to Ubud in Bali to check out the rice fields.  Mind blowing!  The Komodo Dragons were out of this world so to has the snorkeling.   Shae and Gav also had the privilege of swimming with a mantaray for about an hour.  Awesome!  We leave Bali this evening to go pass Java and make our way to Ngonsa Point Batam.  We will be stopping off at Kalamatan to spend time with the Orangatangs.  So here are more photos…..

Water Frontage Kupang

Chicken for Dinner Kupang Market

The Toilet Kupang Style

Motorbikers Western Style Kupang

The Local Bowser



Hi All

We have been so busy, traveling and doing land base activities.  Coastwatch is a big thing here, you get buzzed by the authorities up to twice a day as they have so many illegal vessels trying to get into Australia.  It’s a lot like big brother.  The Australians generally don’t like it as they see it as a breach of their privacy.  But really someone has to do it.  We have traveled via Albany Passage in Arnheim Land, Hole in the Rock.  Stopped off at Gove for an overnighter, a one stop shop and only caters for the men who work at the mine.  They mine bauxite here.  This has been the longest haul to date, traveling across the Gulf of Carpenteria to Darwin.  We arrived in Darwin and parked the boat in The Duckpond which caters for all the large charter vessels as well as fishing / prawn boats.   Not five star but close to town and amenities.  We then did a 2 day land trip to Kakadu National Park, Catherine Gorge and then Litchfield to see the wetlands, aborginal culture/art and the many famous falls.  The architecture of the rocks is very mind blowing.  So here are a few photos enjoy……

Australian Coastwatch

The Cod Reef Cod

Morris Island Resident


Hole in the wall

Coral Spawn

Albany Passage Cape York

The Lock Entrance to the Duck Pond Darwin

The Sol in the Duck Pond Marina Darwin

Aboriginal Artwork

Edith Falls

Swimming at Edith Falls...

Buley Holes

Croc Catcher Katherine Gorge

Florence Falls

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge

Termite City


Wetlands Resident

Road Train Kakadu National Park

Speed Sign Kakadu National Park



We have arrived at Morris Island, where we unbeknown disturbed the local croc of which no sighting of crocs had been seen here since 2001 ha ha ha!!! (Never believe anything you read).  This island is very remote and the only thing on it is a couple of palm trees, a small makeshift graveyard, and heaps of debris and rubbish scattered around from the mainland and various shipping containers.   This island was commonly used by people who had been shipwrecked.  So coconut trees and goats were left on the island to ensure that some sort of food was available if in the event you were shipwrecked.  We left Morris island early this morning and are now traveling via the Albany passage (Cape York area).